What Are The Changes In Cash Basis Accounting 2023/24

What’s Changed In Cash Basis Accounting in 2024/25? Each year, HMRC introduces updates to tax and accounting regulations, accompanied by budget announcements and annual reforms. However, deciphering these changes amidst complex headlines and jargon can be daunting. In this blog, I’ll break down the key updates for the 2024/25 tax year, making them easy to […]

10 Bookkeeping Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make

10 Bookkeeping Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make You launch a small business, and suddenly you need to become a whizz at bookkeeping, it’s all a bit much really, and it’s no wonder people make mistakes. Well this month, let’s take a look at the 10 biggest bookkeeping mistakes that small business owners make, and […]

Expenses – An Overview for Small Business Owners and Side Hustlers.

In the exciting world of entrepreneurship, every penny counts and smart financial management is key to success. Today, we’re diving into the fundamentals of expenses—the cornerstone of your business finances—and how to navigate them in harmony with HMRC guidelines. 📊 Understanding Business Expenses: What You Need to Know **1. What Counts as an Expense? Business […]

A Guide to Being Self-Employed and Claiming UK Benefits

UK entrepreneurs can receive Universal Credit while self-employed by understanding eligibility and accurately reporting fluctuating monthly earnings. It’s vital to manage the Minimum Income Floor, maintain accurate income and expense records, communicate changes promptly, and know your entitlements. Seeking professional advice and exploring additional support options, like the New Enterprise Allowance, can help balance self-employment with claiming benefits.

Why Competitor Analysis is Important for Small Businesses.

In the dynamic world of small businesses and side hustles, one powerful tool often gets overlooked—the art of competitor analysis. Today, we’re diving into why understanding your competitors is not just a smart move; it’s a strategic necessity for boosting profits. 🕵️ Unlocking the Secrets: Why Competitor Analysis Matters Know Your Playing Field: Competitor analysis […]

Getting Personal, When Products Become Presents

Hey Side Hustle Heroes and Small Business Superstars! In the hustle and bustle of business, there’s a secret ingredient that can truly set your venture apart—the joy of gifting. Whether you’re crafting handmade wonders or curating unique services, incorporating a touch of personalised gifting into your strategy can work wonders. Today, we’re diving into the […]

Why Is Psychology Pricing Important For Small Businesses?

The human mind is a fascinating thing, never more so than when we are looking at things from a business perspective. Our brains are wired in mysterious ways, and this is where the power of psychological pricing comes into play. As a small business owner or a crafty side hustler, understanding how psychological pricing works […]

5 Key Benefits Of Budgeting For a Small Business

I know you have plenty to do as a small business owner or side hustler, plenty to keep you busy and loads of necessary jobs, so why is it so important to complete a budget as well? In the world of small businesses and crafty side hustles, keeping a close eye on your finances can […]

The Trading Allowance for small businesses and sole traders – explained.

The trading allowance for small businesses and sole traders was introduced by HMRC as a way to simplify bookkeeping and tax returns for start-ups and side hustles. But, despite it being simple in theory, it is actually one of the most misunderstood (and misused!) elements of small business and sole trader bookkeeping. No more though, […]

Pricing for Profit: Unleashing the Power of Pricing Models for Small Businesses and Crafty Side Hustles

In the world of small businesses and crafty side hustles, pricing your products or services effectively is crucial to ensuring sustainable growth, income and profitability. Finding the right balance between covering costs, staying competitive, and maximising profit can be a challenge. Luckily, there are several well-known pricing models that can guide you towards pricing for profit. In […]