Hey Side Hustle Heroes and Small Business Superstars!

In the hustle and bustle of business, there’s a secret ingredient that can truly set your venture apart—the joy of gifting. Whether you’re crafting handmade wonders or curating unique services, incorporating a touch of personalised gifting into your strategy can work wonders. Today, we’re diving into the art of giving, exploring why handmade and personalised gifts are the perfect choice for your side hustle.

1. Connecting on a Deeper Level:

Giving something from your own business, something that you have spent time developing, creating and crafting, shows the person receiving the gift how much you truly care. By gifting from your heart and your hands, you’re showing that special person in your life that you don’t only think about them at Christmas, you think about them all the time – whilst you’re creating the item too!

2. Creating Lasting Memories:

Gifts have a magical way of creating memories. When your customers receive something handmade, tailored just for them, it becomes more than a product; it’s a memory in the making. This works with customers as it creates positive associations strengthening brand loyalty and turning one-time buyers into lifelong fans. But it works when gifting your products to family and friends too, the recipient knows that you have thought long and hard about which product or craft item would suit them, you’ve poured your time and love into the item and now it is theirs to cherish. 

3. Standing Out in the pile of gifts:

Let’s face it Christmas Day can be overwhelming, people are generous and we receive a lot of gifts (lucky us!). If you gift something handmade, the present is unique in so many ways. Everyone will remember the one handmade blanket over the gift set of bubble bath, no one else will have that exact item, and no one else will have gifted something the same, it makes your gift stand out. So why wouldn’t you choose one of your own products to spread joy on Christmas morning?

4. The personal touch:

Everyone loves to know they are cared for, we all like something tailored just to us. With gifting your own products this is easy; you could add a name to jewellery or make it so that the person knows it’s just for them, you can add a special gift card, or include affirmations and handwritten notes. Gifts from your own products can be so much more than the generic gift from the high street.


🌈 In Conclusion:

The joy of gifting your products is a win-win for both you and your friends and families, you don’t need to trawl the shops, they get something unique and personal. It’s a powerful way to infuse warmth and humanity into your side hustle. You’re not just gifting products; you’re creating experiences and building relationships.

So, let the joy of gifting become an integral part of your side hustle life, you never know your gifts could become great walking adverts too! But it’s important to remember the accounting implications of gifting from your business, after all, all the materials and supplies have been counted in our expenses and gifting products isn’t generating profits.

If you want to know more about how to turn products into gifts in your accounts and bookkeeping then jump into the Handmade Accounts Membership and watch the step-by-step training (Here), and if you are looking for the perfect present for yourself, a 3-month membership gift is just the thing.

Here’s to the joy of giving and the success of your side hustle!

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