Handmade Accounts Made Easy

Because nobody wants to do something that’s hard.

My mission is to make bookkeeping and accounting easy for creative and crafty business owners. 

Business owners with handmade businesses, business owners who have been thrown into the need for accounting, business owners who want accounts to be easy so that they have more time for doing the things they love.

That’s where Handmade Accounts Made Easy comes in.

The Book - Coming Soon

Handmade Accounts Made Easy

Cash Accounting Essentials for Creative Businesses

I’ve worked in bookkeeping and accounting for quite a while, I also own some crafty side hustles making jewellery.

I support creative business owners with bookkeeping and accounts because accounting can be hard if you’re new to it.

But what if it was easy?

What if it was explained in plain English?

How would it feel if instead of putting off your bookkeeping, you embraced it?

Wouldn’t you love to have more time to be creative?

That’s what Handmade Accounts Made Easy can do for you, yes, all of those things.

A book written by an expert, with experience in small businesses, craft side hustles and all the tricky Etsy and PayPal fees that come with selling online. 

A book that’s written in plain English, with easy-to-understand step-by-step guides.

A book designed to make accounting easy so that you too can embrace it.

A book that will get you completing your accounts, up to date and give you more time for the creative things that you love.

A book called – Handmade Accounts Made Easy.