Getting Personal: When Products Become Presents The Workbook.


This Workbook and Editable PDF will guide you through how to account for gifting your products.
Downloadable and fully editable to be used again and again.


📊 Gift to your heart’s content with the Getting Personal: When Products Become Presents Workbook! 🌟

Hey Small Business Champions and Side Hustle Heroes! Ready to gift your products, want to know how to account for using materials from your personal stash, generally want to have control over your finances and make your business thrive? Look no further! Introducing our downloadable and editable PDF workbook, the getting Personal Workbook.

💡 What’s Inside:

  • Explanations of how to account for using materials from your own stash.
  • Tips for how to take products and materials for your own use.
  • Explanations on how to gift to others and include it in your accounting.

🚀 Get Your Copy Now and Transform Your Finances!

  1. Click the link to download your Workbook.
  2. Fill in the blanks and customise the templates to suit your business.
  3. Witness your financial landscape transform, and your business become a beacon of financial brilliance!

Ready to navigate the financial seas like a seasoned captain? Download your workbook now and embark on a bookkeeping journey that transforms your small business or side hustle into a financial powerhouse!


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