Accounts Training For Your Handmade Business

As a handmade business owner, you deserve a handmade service. With accounts training designed to fit the needs, the sales, and the expenses of your business, you get the tailored experience you truly deserve.

As a crafty business owner myself, I understand the challenges you face and keeping track of your finances doesn’t have to be one of them.

Check out the services and support available at Handmade Accounts by Julie Breckon, and get your small business flying in the right direction.

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Ideal Client Candles


Sophia is happiest watching glitter swirl about in melted wax, which was one of the reasons she had been drawn to start her candle-making business to begin with.

As her business grew she had a process to keep track of her sales and her expenses and was using accounting software but everything was taking so long! She was spending hours each month entering figures and wasn’t even sure if what she was doing was right. She didn’t want the added cost of hiring a bookkeeper or accountant, or to feel like she wasn’t in control of her business finances. She knew that she would need to file her tax return soon but the implications of getting this wrong were daunting.

But in just an hour, we looked over her current systems to see where time could be saved, adding direct links to her business bank accounts so the inputting is done for her and reassuring her that she needed that she was on the right track. This means she has more time for making, and when she is ready to submit her tax return, all her figures will be ready and up to date. Most importantly, she knows that if she is struggling she can always book the ‘done with you’ tax return course and I’ll guide her through.

Ideal Client sewing


Katie spends her day stitching beautiful handmade children’s clothes. After making dresses for her own little girls, taking the step to make this into a full-time business was scary. She knew she could handle the orders and customer service but the accounts and tax sides- not so much. She was tracking everything on a spreadsheet, which seemed to be working, but this was time-consuming and she didn’t really have any idea of where her money was going. She was starting to lose sleep, panicking that she was going to get it all wrong and get into trouble with the tax office. She had lost all confidence in what she was doing and this had really started to impact the rest of her business.

Katie signed up for the accounts training course which included a full overhaul of her existing system. I recommended a free business bank account which came with free easy-to-use software. I even set this up for her. We spent the two training sessions making sure this was fully up to date and she was confident in logging her future transactions.

In just a few minutes each day, her accounts were updated and she felt much calmer. Even better she knew that when it came time to complete her tax return, a two-hour session to complete this was included in the price she had already paid.

Ideal Client Knitting


Susan has been knitting for years. She loved to make scarves and gloves for friends and family and everyone was always telling her that she should sell these to make a little extra money (which she would probably spend on more wool). She had been told that she could make up to £1000.00 without even having to report this, but this seemed too good to be true. She had set up an Etsy shop, her sales were growing and Susan was starting to panic. All her receipts were shoved into a drawer because, out of sight, out of mind, and maybe it would be easier to just close the shop so she didn’t have to worry about it.

But one of her crafty friends recommended that she speak to me before throwing in the hand-knitted towel. I set her up with an easy-to-use system that has an app which allowed her to take pictures of her receipts to easily log her expenses. The additional text and email support between sessions meant that she didn’t have to wait to get an answer to any questions which popped into her head mid-purl.

By the end of the course, she was fairly confident but chose to book an extra hour every few months for additional reassurance, and when she is ready to register for self-assessment, she knows where I am.

From day one I have had my interest in figures and accounts reignited.

Karen – Sewpaw creations

Courses, Services and Support

Just an Hour

A power hour for your accounts!

Book just an hour, then choose a time slot in the follow-up emails and you'll soon be making progress with your bookkeeping.

FreeAgent Set UP

Your FreeAgent account set up to the exact specification you need, talk you through setting up your bank feeds and custom categories and make sure you know where to find the key bits of information and then leave you to it.

Tailored to you

A 2-hour-long session to guide you through producing and submitting your self-assessment tax return. Sit with an expert online as you file your tax return.

Small Group Tax Sessions

Training and support at The Tax Sessions. Join a small group of like minded people. Get Guidance about finalising your end-of-year accounts, then file your self-assessment co-working style.

Pink and green image with text; An Introduction To Cash Flow Forecasting

An Introduction to Cash Flow Forecasting

This Workbook and Editable PDF will guide you through managing your small business cash flow, making it easy, manageable and actionable! Downloadable and fully editable to be used again and again to complete your cash flow forecasting.

Membership Support

A co-working membership giving you training, guidance and accountability to get your small bookkeeping completed. Maximise your profits, gain clarity and stay on HMRC's good side with Handmade Accounts-Ability.

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